Pharmacy Residency Program FAQs



All applications should be submitted through PHORCAS.

All applications will be reviewed by the residency program director and preceptors. Top candidates will be invited for an on-site interview.

Yes. We do participate in the match.

The residency program was established in 2015, and we graduated our first resident June 30, 2016.

Our residents are expected to present their longitudinal project at a national meeting (ASHP midyear) as well as regional meetings (Ohio Pharmacy Residency Conference, Ohio College of Clinical Pharmacy).

As with any residency, there are many projects that you will be working on throughout your year. You will be required to complete one longitudinal project (traditionally the residency research project). This project will then be presented at national and regional conferences.

Our residents participate in the Teaching and Learning certificate program through Northeast Ohio Medical Universities. Our residents also have ample opportunity for practice-based teaching to students and others throughout the residency year.

Many elective rotations are available. These include: Emergency Medicine, Hospice/Palliative Care, Health Coach Program, Internal Medicine Physician Practice and Long-term Care.

The resident will complete the following required one-month rotations: Ambulatory Care I and II, Informatics, Internal Medicine I and II, Practice Management and Transitions of Care. The resident will also complete the following required longitudinal rotations: Longitudinal Project (Research), Pharmacy Service, Teaching and Learning.

Aultman Alliance is a community hospital full of individuals who care deeply about their patients. One of the advantages of being a smaller institution is the ability to closely work with many other professionals. Everyone truly knows everyone, and it shows in how we interact with each other both as colleagues and as caregivers.

We offer two PGY1 positions.

We are fully accredited by ASHP.

Being a community hospital, we tend to focus more on chronic disease management, both on the inpatient side and the outpatient side. Our hospital has a traditional inpatient medicine service as well as a geriatric psych unit, a long-term care facility and pharmacist run outpatient clinics.

We are not directly affiliated with a university, but our residents do participate in the Northeast Ohio Medical Universities' (NEOMED) pharmacy residency teaching and learning certificate program. Many of our preceptors work closely with NEOMED. Our program director, an ambulatory care preceptor, is a shared faculty member in pharmacy practice.

On interview day, you will tour the hospital and meet with the program director and key preceptors. We also ask that you give a 15-minute presentation on a topic of your choice.

We are looking for highly motivated individuals who have strong communication skills and a passion for caring for patients.