Aultman Alliance

Aultman Alliance Community Hospital to Host Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit in July

ALLIANCE, Ohio (July 5, 2022) — During the month of July, Aultman Alliance Community Hospital will host the Network of the National Library of Medicine’s Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit in the hospital’s health library.

The exhibit includes floor banners that engage the community around health and wellness information while increasing awareness about the All of Us Research Program, an initiative to gather data about health, habits and lifestyle from a million or more people across the US to help accelerate medical research. More information is available on the All of Us program website.

“The Precision Medicine Traveling Exhibit is an exciting way to educate our community about the importance of medical research and the many ways in which lifestyles and habits affect our everyday health,” said Connie Altomare of Aultman Alliance Educational Services. “We’re very excited to host this fascinating exhibit for the month of July.”