Mission, Vision and Values

All members of the Aultman Alliance Community Hospital are expected to adhere to the core mission, vision and values of the hospital while upholding our health caring standards, philosophy and practices.

Aultman Alliance is a Planetree affiliated hospital, meaning we believe in providing a quality, holistic health care experience.


To provide our patients and guests with a safe, comforting and healing environment. 


To become the premier community hospital in the state of Ohio. We strive to personify the notion that we are "The best people providing the best service."


We put the needs of our patients, customers and community first and we also pledge the following:

  • We will always provide compassion and caring to our patients, visitors, guests, colleagues, volunteers and everyone who passes through our doors.
  • We will constantly encourage individual creativity, innovation and teamwork so that we never cease to improve our programs and services.
  • We will incorporate integrity, openness and fairness in all we do. 

We also believe in the mission, vision and values of Aultman.

Aultman's mission is to lead our community to improved health. The Aultman vision is for Aultman Health Foundation to be the leading health system in designing products and services for the communities we serve.

Aultman hospital values:

  • Recognize and respect the unique talents of every Aultman team member
  • Exceed patient, enrollee and student expectations
  • Success through teamwork
  • Promote a highly reliable organization
  • Educate our community
  • Cost-effective management of resources
  • Trust, integrity and compassion in all relationships 

The Aultman stance on diversity.

Trust and integrity in all relationships is a core value of Aultman. By embracing diversity, we understand and appreciate our similarities and differences, allowing Aultman to maximize individual and corporate success by valuing and respecting one another. Each employee should appreciate the knowledge, perspectives, experience and abilities of other employees and the contribution that each employee makes to Aultman. Differing points of view will be sought and respected from employees at all levels of the workforce.