Services and Quality

Quality Services

Aultman Alliance believes in providing great service and quality during the health care process. Transparency in our level of care and service philosophy are important to our patients and us.

Level of Quality

We invite you to look into our detailed reports of Aultman Alliance Community Hospital's standings.
See how we stack up against others in similar treatments. 

Quality Transparency

On our endless quest to improve our quality of care, we share detailed reports of Aultman Alliance performance across various state and national benchmarks in quality of health care services.

View the most recent data available on our quality practices compiled through the information provided by the Ohio Hospital Association.

Quality Services And Case Management

The goal of Quality Services and Case Management is to ensure high-quality patient care and effective utilization of hospital resources. The department is responsible for monitoring the quality of care during hospital stays and working with social workers to ensure the continuity of care when making referrals to outside agencies. The care evaluation team works closely with the medical staff throughout the hospital.

Goals of Quality Service

Quality Improvement

• Promote and facilitate the Performance Improvement Plan.
• Perform as patient advocates and facilitate compliant resolution.

Infection Control

• Reduce the risk of transmission of contagious infectious disease in the hospital.
• Reduce the risk of development of hospital-associated infections.

Staff Health

Provide required testing and vaccination for staff members, including TB testing, Hepatitis B and influenza vaccinations. 

Risk Management

Identify and evaluate risks to help prevent accidents that may result in damage or loss. 

For more information, contact the Quality Services Department at 330-596-7154.

Our Accreditation

One of the ways Aultman leads the community to improved health is by maintaining accreditation by these entities. Aultman meets compliance by striving to provide excellent care that is driven by evidence-based practice.


CMS: Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Aultman is required to meet conditions set by CMS to receive reimbursement for Medicare and Medicaid.

Certification of hospital compliance with the CoP is accomplished through observations, interviews, and document/record reviews. The survey process focuses on a hospital’s performance of patient-focused and organizational functions and processes. The unannounced hospital survey is the means used to assess compliance with Federal health, safety, and quality standards that will assure that the beneficiary receives safe, quality care and services.


ODH: Ohio Department of Health

Ohio Department of Health assures quality in health care facilities, health care services, and environmental health through smart regulation to protect the health and safety of Ohioans (Office of Health Assurance and Licensing). This regulation is done by unscheduled and scheduled surveys of hospitals.


ACHC: Accreditation Commission for Health Care

ACHC Accreditation is independent third-party validation, through a comprehensive survey process, that a healthcare organization’s policies, processes, and care delivery meet recognized standards for quality and safety.  ACHC will conduct announced and unannounced surveys to ensure hospitals are meeting standards of care set by CMS.


TJC: The Joint Commission

The mission of The Joint Commission enterprise is to enable and empower health care organizations around the world to build a foundation for quality care and patient safety. TJC accredits hospitals by conducting scheduled and unscheduled hospital surveys. (FOR SLEEP LAB ONLY)

Patient Complaints

Patient complaints may be directed to the following persons and agencies: 

  • Aultman Alliance Community Hospital Quality Services
    • 330-596-7154
  • Ohio Department of Health (ODH) – Health Care Facility Complaint Department
  • Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)

We Believe In Planetree Philosophy

Person-centered care that supports healing on many levels. We strive to be the best community hospital in Ohio by holding our Planetree ideals close.

What is Planetree?

In the words of Planetree founder Angelica Thieriot, "the ideal hospital would combine the best of spas with the best of hotels and the best of hospitals to become a truly healing environment, where just being there is healing."

Planetree is an internationally recognized, nonprofit organization that advocates person-centered care and integrates complementary therapies with modern technical medical expertise to give patients the best possible healing environment. Some of the most progressive health care facilities on the planet are affiliates of Planetree, including Aultman Alliance Community Hospital.

Planetree founder Angelica Thieriot envisioned a new type of hospital, where patients could be active participants in their own care and healing on many levels.

Planetree Core Components:

Human Interaction

Aultman Alliance Community Hospital's philosophy of patient care is treating patients as guests. From complimentary services to additional support like holding a patient's hand, our dedicated caregivers reach out to each individual over the course of their stay.

Information and Education

Patient input is important to us. Our patients are encouraged to ask questions about the direction of their care and offer feedback.

Loved Ones, Friends and Social Support

The new Aultman Alliance Community Hospital is designed with relaxation and comfort in mind. Each floor features an open kitchen area where loved ones can prepare a patient's favorite meal. We have a 24-hour visitation policy and offer sleeper sofas in all patient rooms to accommodate guests comfortably.


We believe in the importance of inner resources. In addition to an on-site interdenominational chapel, the hospital offers a prayer partner program for patients who wish to have someone pray with them. A chaplain is also available at any time upon request.

Healing Arts

Aultman Alliance Community Hospital offers a variety of speakers, support groups, classes and events to raise health awareness in the community. 

Design Conducive to Health and Healing

Our architecture and interior design were implemented with healing in mind. Following the Planetree model, the hospital offers private rooms with hotel-like amenities. Some of these amenities include computer access and hookup, cable television and a private bathroom.

Nutritional Food

Nutrition and the nurturing aspects of food can easily be overlooked in health care. Our Nutritional Services Department offers a "room service" option for patients to order food any time – day or night. Patients are also able to enjoy fresh-baked bread and cookies, prepared by volunteers. 

Visit the Planetree Organization website for additional information on Planetree ideals.