Blazing-fast scans with pinpoint accuracy make it easy to detect and diagnose serious health issues.

Computed Tomography (CT) is a more detailed way of looking inside your body. Aultman Alliance is one of the few area hospitals performing CT of the heart, aorta, coronary arteries and blood vessels. 

During a CT exam, the scanner takes multiple cross-sectional pictures. CT scans can be used to identify a number of circulatory system diseases, contrary artery disease, kidney and bladder stones, blood clots, blood vessel aneurysms, inflammatory diseases, spinal injuries, head injuries and much more. CT scans greatly enhance the doctor's ability to diagnose a medical condition. CT scans provide much greater detail than the standard x-ray films. With the help of a computer, individual images scanned during a CT exam are reconstructed into an actual picture of various internal body parts. These scans are shown to be an effective method of various cancer screenings.

What you can expect during a CT exam:

During a CT procedure, the patient lies very still on a table that slowly passes through a large X-ray machine. You may be asked to hold your breath during the exam as a means to prevent image blurring. Sometimes a contrast agent such as Iodine or Barium are used for clearer imaging results. In very rare cases this can result in an allergic reaction. Those patients worried about claustrophobia during the exam will be comforted to know that the scanner only partially covers an area of the body rather than a full enclosure. 

The CT scan is completely painless and typically lasts a few minutes to half an hour.

CT Exam Instructions

Thank you for choosing Aultman Alliance Community Hospital to perform your CT examination. We realize you may have questions regarding your upcoming exam and hope this information will help explain the procedure to you.

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