Aultman Alliance ultrasound technologists are dedicated to patient reassurance and comfort.

Ultrasound (or sonography) is a procedure that uses high-frequency sound waves to show what is inside your body.

Sound waves inside the body echo when they hit tissue, like sonar in the ocean. Computer technology takes the echoes and creates an image of the tissue and organs the echoes bounce off. Ultrasound is an efficient tool in diagnostic situations including:

  • examining the fetus during pregnancy
  • visualizing certain gynecological functions in non-pregnant women
  • revealing information about tumors and cysts
  • evaluating the gallbladder and related organs
  • non-invasive evaluation of vascular disease

The ultrasound scan team keeps a patient's sense of privacy and security at the forefront of the exam process.

Ultrasound examinations are fast, with minimal discomfort. No radiation or X-rays are necessary.

To help patients feel secure and comfortable, they are typically allowed to wear their own clothing during the exam.

  • body temperature ultrasound gel provides extra comfort
  • as stress-free as possible, while obtaining the necessary clinical information

What to expect during an ultrasound scan.

Ultrasound imaging is based on sonar similar to that of bats, ships and fishermen. In medicine ultrasound is used to detect changes in organs, tissues and vessels to detect abnormal masses like tumors. During your exam you will be positioned lying face-up on the exam table, warm water-based gel will be applied to the area being studied and then the transducer will be placed on the body and moved around as needed over the area of interest.

Ultrasound Exam Instructions

Thank you for choosing Aultman Alliance Community Hospital to perform your ultrasound examination. We realize you may have questions regarding your upcoming exam and hope this information will help explain the procedure to you.

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